Giving a defense, boldly

One of the preeminent and most fearless Christian apologists of today, William Lane Craig, spells out the logical, rational problems with naturalism and humanism (God-absent philosophies) in the Washington Post. He is responding to the American Humanist Association’s desire to teach children the benefits of atheism (other than life is meaningless and morals are illusory.)

But, if you can, wade through some of the responses. Overall, from a completely biased observer, many of the Christian defenses of Craig appear thoughtful and logical, while those attacking him are often emotion driven and lacking solid linear thinking.

This is the sort of thinking, speaking, living that needs to be part of the public square. Christians who keep their faith “private,” do no service to Christ or their faith, and certainly not to their fellow man. Any follower of Christ must be willing to give a defense for what he believes, and be open to engaging the culture, and the individuals who make it up, from a foundation of Biblical understanding and relational truth. And the walk better line up with the talk.

Here’s the column and responses.

This is a topic that the church really needs to grapple with and The Joyful Watchman will do much more on it in coming months. We spend too much time talking to ourselves. It’s time to get out and take Christ to the streets, the offices, the grocery store, the neighbor’s house, the relative’s, the work site. Everywhere we step our feet.



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